Sunday, September 17, 2006

It's a conspiracy!

Evidently, all bad things in the world that happen to Moslem areas are the fault of a cabal between the Americans and the Zionists.

The Indonesian tsunami was caused by American, Israeli, and Indian nuclear testing, acording to the Egyptian weekly Al-Usbu'. On January 1, 2005, they reported that nuclear testing was destabilizing the tectonic plates, and and the earthquake followed after a series of recent Indian tests "The three most recent tests appeared to be genuine American and Israeli preparations to act together with India to test a way to liquidate humanity. In the[ir] most recent test, they began destroying entire cities over extensive areas. Although the nuclear explosions were carried out in desert lands, tens of thousands of kilometers away from populated areas, they had a direct effect on these areas." [1]

Bin Laden works for the Americans! Or so some conspiracy theorists in the Middle East believe.

Iraqi political analyst Kazem Al-Qurayshi spoke on the Iranian channel Sahar1 TV about September 11 and terrorism on July 18, 2004: " Al-Zarqawi, bin-Laden, and Mullah Omar, and all the leaders of the Salafi movement, are tools created by the British Freemason movement 200 years ago. With these tools they wanted to create a new religion for us, to confront Islam. They filled this new religion with Jewish poison, the Masonic poison. Their religion is manifested by a long beard, a short garment, and killing Muslims.

And it's not just the Shiites talking this way. On April 28, 2004, Lebanese Druze leader and Parliamentarian Walid Jumblatt gave an interview to Al-Arabiyya TV, and detailed how the U.S. was really behind September 11: "Who invented Osama bin Laden?! The Americans, the CIA invented him so they could fight the Soviets in Afghanistan together with some of the Arab regimes. I am of the opinion that somewhere, someplace, there is an intelligence agency profiting from Al-Qa'ida and Osama bin Laden. Osama bin Laden is like a ghost, popping up when needed. This is my opinion." [2]

Many believe that the only reason Saddam Hussein was captured without a fight is because he was drugged. [3] The terrorist attacks at Taba which were an Al Qaeda operation were said to have been carried out instead by the Mossad, the US, a combination of the two, or a terrorist Jewish group that wanted to do in non-religious Jews and blame it on the Arabs. [4]

And today, another conspiracy rises to the top: Now we learn that Pope Benedict is controlled the the Zionists, too!

The AFP is reporting: Iranian hardline newspapers said there were signs of an Israeli-US plot behind remarks by Pope Benedict XVI that linked Islam to violence and created a wave of anger across the Muslim world.

The daily Jomhuri Islami said Israel and the United States -- the Islamic republic's two arch-enemies -- could have dictated the comments to distract attention from the resistance of the Shiite militant group Hezbollah to Israel's offensive on Lebanon. [5]

Amazing how the Zionists and Americans control everything, even the Catholic Church.

Hat tip to Jihad Watch for the story about the Vatican conspiracy theory.

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"Who invented Osama bin Laden?! The Americans, the CIA invented him so they could fight the Soviets in Afghanistan together with some of the Arab regimes."


That's oh so close.

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