Sunday, September 24, 2006

Nothing Isn't Something to Die for....

Thomas More, not long before he was executed for refusing to approve King Henry's divorce and remarriage, said in a letter to his daughter, “My case was such in this matter through the clearness of my own conscience that thought I might have pain I could not have harm, for a man may in such a case lose his head and not have harm.”

He had something he was willing to die for, that made his life worth living. To be willing to take a stand, one must have something worth dying for. If it's not worth dying for, it's not really worth living for, or striving for or making a stand over.

Today in the West finding that something can be difficult.

The trouble, of course, is that the comrades, long since disillusioned with Lenin, have adopted Lennon instead. Whereas the old Marxists believed in something, albeit something absurd and dangerous, New Labour believes in nothing; “nothing” as defined by John Lennon in his sentimentally pernicious imagination: “No heaven … no hell … no countries … nothing to kill or die for and no religion too.” This is the new hedonism with which the secularists want to unite British society; the new uniculturalism to replace the old multiculturalism. It is perhaps not surprising that many Muslims are unconvinced by this self-centered hedonism in which, to return to Lennon, “all the people” are “living for today.” If this is all we have to offer, to hell with it.

Joseph Pierce

One of the things, of course, that have attracted young persons to the Salafi viewpoint, even Americans of non-Islamic backgrounds, is it gives them something to fulfill that need to have something worth dying for. If there is nothing more than hedonism, egoism, and relativism offered, young idealistic people will find something else, somewhere.

Something to think about. What do we have to offer that is worth dying for? (A lot, I believe, but this is a question everyone must answer for themselves. Without it, why bother?)


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