Saturday, September 09, 2006


For those who are, in the words of John Hinderaker, "are trying to sell the American people on the absurd proposition that the terrorist threat we face today is mostly George Bush's fault, and that if we only abandon his tough approach to national security, everything will be fine," a quick look at the history of terrorism by groups with Islamic ideologies will find, even in the non-exhaustive list I posted earlier, that more than 2700 people world-wide who were killed in Islamic terrorist activities before GW Bush was president.

Those figures don'tt even begin to include people caught up in the Kashmir conflict or various attacks in the Philippines, or anything like comprehensive numbers of Islamic violence in the former Yugoslavian territories, or Islamic violence against non-Islamic people in Indonesia and undercounts the Chechnian violence and the GIA attacks in France. The real number is a good bit higher.

And all this happened before the current administration's policies and with the denial that there was a struggle against the west. Al Qada chose to tear the veil away, and the world we are in today is the result of that open declaration of war.


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