Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Multiculturialism's Achilles' Heel

Multiculturalism grew up in a time where people, unhappy with the behaviors of their forefathers, sought to find alternative role models in the cultures of other parts of the world, and used them, somewhat like a smorgasbord, to pick and choose things they would like to be part of their world view. It goes hand in hand with the repudiation of the older cultural norms and the longing to make something that seemed more fair, clean and perhaps holy in the eyes of the beholder. But an end result was something that could be easily exploited by those who had other agendas besides the merging of all that was good in a culture into a matrix that everybody would enjoy. Besides the destruction of the "old truths and verities," as William Faulkner used to say, contemplate this:

Resistance to integration and assimilation into the mainstream culture is the cornerstone of the Islamist agenda as it helps in the development of closed societies within the host societies. There is no doubt that a community that allows a number of closed communities to develop in its midst loses its social cohesiveness and becomes dysfunctional. It becomes a source of discontent and dissatisfaction, breeds conflicts and lives in a perpetual state of tension.

Knowing that a marginalized and disenfranchised youth serves as a never-exhausting source for terrorism and a divided society breeds such young men, the Islamist establishment has worked diligently and scientifically to sabotage social harmony in Europe. As a first step toward achieving this objective, Muslims are convinced that they will have to insist on maintaining their “Islamic” identity, as their culture is better than the host culture. To further divide the host societies along the religious lines, Muslims are encouraged to refuse to evolve in the culture in which they live. They are being forced to recede into closed societies by refusing to integrate into the mainstream culture. (source)

At best, this "celebration of diversity" has brought cultural weakness and social disruption everywhere where it's brand of intolerant "toleration" has become the norm, destroying the old fall back positions that gave people under pressure a way to bond together in strength until the danger has passed. And now, it is playing into the hands of those who wish to bring the entire ediface of Western civilization down.

Is it too late to stem the tide?


Blogger Russel said...

Just came across your blog and, reading this older post, I decided to comment as it touched on a topic I was thinking about this morning. I recalled moving into a funky apartment block in my old neighbourhood in Johannesburg. This was in 99. The evening I moved in I remember driving into the parking lot and, in the empty building adjacent to the lot, a man stood and played Coltrane on his sax. The sun set and at the same time the voice on the imam in the mosque below us rose into the night calling the faithful to prayer. It was a very spiritual sound.

Years later, due to South Africa's porous borders and lax immigration policy, my funky neighbourhood had become home to thousands of illegal immigrants from Nigeria. Mostly muslim, they sponsored the building of dozens of mosques around the neighbourhood and, wierdly enough, the cocaine drug trade...

At every corner cafe you could easily pick up a free Muslim community newspaper with brazen headline s calling for jihad against America and the Zionist entity.

This is what multiculturalism brought to the country of my birth.

Hate. Crime. Support for Terrorism.

These days, however, I live in Tel Aviv. It's a lot nicer here, I can tell you.

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