Sunday, September 10, 2006

Voices of al Jihadya: Hamas after 9/11

"The United States, which, since the turn of the last century, has believed that it is the strongest, used that strength and power not to actualize justice and equality for the oppressed, but to besiege the[se] peoples, murder them, and spill their blood. It did not follow any law, unless the law was passed to strengthen its hegemony and its power. The US, which supports the Zionist entity, supplying it with all types of lethal weapons, such as the Apache, napalm bombs, and the F-16, that have taken the lives of thousands of Palestinians; the US, which encouraged the Iranian Shah to massacre his people; the US, which stood by the blood-letter Haile Sellassie, the despot Idi Amin, and dozens of dictators and tyrants in South America, in Africa, and in Southeast Asia; the US, which sowed death at Hiroshima, anguish in Vietnam, bitterness in Iraq, famine and siege in the Sudan and in Libya – what did this US, with the ugly face, expect the repressed and the oppressed peoples to do?"

Dr. 'Atallah Abu Al-Subh
Al-Risala, September 17, 2001


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