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Voices of al Jihadiya

"Jihad against America will continue, economically and militarily. By the grace of Allah, America is in retreat and its economy is developing cracks ever-increasingly. But more attacks are required. I advise the youth to find more of America's economic hubs. The enemy can be defeated by attacking its economic centers."

Osama bin Laden

"We will also aim to continue, by the permission of Allah, the destruction of the American economy."

Ayman al-Zawahiri

The Muslim masses-for many reasons, and this is not the place to discuss it-do not rally except against an outside occupying enemy, especially if the enemy is firstly Jewish, and secondly American.

Ayman al-Zawahiri

The Americans: These, as you know, are the most cowardly of God's creatures. They are an easy quarry, praise be to God. We ask God to enable us to kill and capture them to sow panic among those behind them and to trade them for our detained shaykhs and brothers.

Abu Mus'ab al-Zarqawi


The Choice

God recognizes no separation between religion and state. And the concept of rendering unto Caesar that which be Caesar's and unto God that be God’s as understood and interpreted by the proponents of secularism is an atheistic concept of which God and his Prophets are innocent. And since the believer in God and his Prophets believes and lives his life according to the book and prophetic practice, he has no need for the legislatures and parliaments which you in the west have, to put it mildly, used to legislate yourselves into a prison of your own making.-- Adam Gadahn aka Azzam the American

The reaching out for freedom was a long and painful process in the West, and a large part of our cherished cultural heritage is wrapped up in that very event. Here in the US, we celebrate our founders and the struggle they underwent to throw off a colonial rule that they found oppressive. But this too did not happen in a vacuum. It is built on many small steps that defined liberty, the relationship between the governed and those who govern, and concepts of justice that even though they often fell short, strove for fairness and just outcome for all. This is a concept that has given those who follow the Prophet as much freedom to worship as the next man in all the countries of the West where he takes refuge. It has given people a way to work for righting wrongs that allow growth and building instead of the endless rounds of war you find in societies like Somalia. In the long run, it has given us a system that protects people from long rule by tyrants to attack their own people that allows all a chance to strive to improve one's lot in life in ways nearly impossible for those born to the wrong clan, or the wrong sect, or the wrong ethnic group in so many parts of the world.

Where sharia law, theocratic law has been the rule of the day, we see mentally handicapped children executed for crimes thrust upon them by their caretakers, women killed because their brothers were unhappy with their choice of husband, men punished for wearing standard athletic clothing while playing soccer. Everywhere there is the curtailment of personal freedom in the name of God: music is constrained or banned, freedom of the press eliminated, freedom of association attacked frequently by gangs of young men who demand people behave in ways they deem religiously acceptable. Everywhere in these societies half the population have what are considered normative rights that were won with enomous struggle vastly curtailed.through custom, tradition and religious interpretation.

Remember Afghanistan under the Taliban. This is the way of life, with its cruel punishments, its high level control by religious bully boys acting as police, and its misuse of women and children, and the forcible infliction of their version of righteous living on everybody in society that the extremists are dreaming of creating with their hope of the Caliphate.

The threat is not only from without. There are those, like Adam Gadhan, members here of our own country who have also fallen into that dream. And if we let them, they will sweep away every dream of our founding fathers, every shred of the social contract we hold sacred between the governed and the governing, every concept enshrined by the suffering and blood of so many Americans, and give us the choice offered to every infidel: Convert or Die.

Yes, the Long War began long before 911

war before 911

"Death is better than living on this earth with the unbelievers amongst us." -- Osama Bin Laden


For those who are, in the words of John Hinderaker, "are trying to sell the American people on the absurd proposition that the terrorist threat we face today is mostly George Bush's fault, and that if we only abandon his tough approach to national security, everything will be fine," a quick look at the history of terrorism by groups with Islamic ideologies will find, even in the non-exhaustive list I posted earlier, that more than 2700 people world-wide who were killed in Islamic terrorist activities before GW Bush was president.

Those figures don'tt even begin to include people caught up in the Kashmir conflict or various attacks in the Philippines, or anything like comprehensive numbers of Islamic violence in the former Yugoslavian territories, or Islamic violence against non-Islamic people in Indonesia and undercounts the Chechnian violence and the GIA attacks in France. The real number is a good bit higher.

And all this happened before the current administration's policies and with the denial that there was a struggle against the west. Al Qada chose to tear the veil away, and the world we are in today is the result of that open declaration of war.

Friday, September 08, 2006


Some words to ponder

Like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 was just a calling card, an invitation to engage in a much bigger (world) problem. Like Pearl Harbor, 9/11 was not our first invitation to engage in what was fast becoming a world-wide threat. Like Pearl Harbor, it was an invitation we couldn't afford to leave unanswered.

We received an invitation to the war on terror as far back as 1979 in Tehran. We received several more invitations throughout the 80's and 90's. We were invited in no uncertain terms in 1993, when Bin Laden first attempted to level the World Trade Towers. We were invited again in 1995 by Hezbollah in Saudi Arabia and yet again by Bin Laden in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. We received yet another open invitation to join the war against international terrorism in October of 2000 with the bombing of the USS Cole, again, courtesy of Al Qaeda. Meanwhile, much of the free world was already engaged. We declined to answer any of these invitations...

We were not just patient in ignoring these invitations - we were cowardly and short sighted. Only when the invitation reached the massive intensity of 9/11, with nearly 3000 innocent American men, women and children dead, our financial center, defense center and government center under attack all at once, were we ready to accept these invitations.

JB Williams

And so here we are today, nearing the fifth anniversary of a morning when several men, aided by a globe spanning network of similarly minded people decided that every man, woman and child was a legitimate target of war, even if they didn't know that the war existed.

The determination behind that fight is real, the hatred is real, and the excuses for doing this are very real in the minds of those who have decided to walk that path. We can respond in two ways: Try to ignore or negotiate with people who do not want to negotiate in good faith, because what they want is our destruction, or to stand up against the darkness of those who see all of us, our way of life, our culture and our aspirations as something worth eliminating.

"And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Or: "With vigilance, determination, courage, we will defeat the enemies of freedom, and we will leave behind a more peaceful world for our children and our grandchildren." GW Bush.

If we don't choose the second, the first is more and more likely to come to be.

Some Voices from the Long War

"Oh followers of (Taliban leader) Mullah Mohammed Omar, oh sons of (Al-Qaeda leader) Osama bin Laden, oh disciples of (slain Al-Qaeda in Iraq leader) Abu Mussab al-Zarqawi ... I urge each of you to kill at least one American within a period not exceeding 15 days,
- Abu Hamza al-Muhajer, purported head of Al Qada in Iraq from an audio tape played by Al-Jazeera.

"And God willing, with the force of God behind it, we shall soon experience a world without the United States and Zionism,"
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

"As you know, the enemy in this war appears to be Israel, but, as everyone knows, the fighting enemy is actually America. Israel is merely the claw of America in this war. People who cannot stand with their fighting brothers can still fight. They can carry out other actions." Muhammad Said Ramadhan Al-Bouti

"We are 100% committed to the cause of Islam. We love death the way you love life. I tell all you British citizens to stop your support to your lying British government, and to the so-called 'war on terror,' and ask yourselves, why would thousands of men be willing to give their lives for the cause of Muslims? Allah, in Surat Al-Nisa, says: 'What is wrong with you that you fight not in the cause of Allah, and for those weak, ill, cheated, and oppressed, among men, women, and children, whose cry is: 'Our Lord, rescue us from this town whose people are oppressors, and raise for us from among you one who will protect, and raise for us from you one who will help.'" Shehzad Tanweer

Thursday, September 07, 2006


The touch of terror in the US

Will we pay the price?

"Today we are engaged in conflicts that are again testing whether or not our country believes that the defense of liberty is worth the cost," Donald Rumsfeld, 8/39/06

Today, one of the big questions is do we really believe as a nation, a people, a culture, that the defense of liberty worth the cost? Between the press, popular cultural icons, and an attitude that picked up the viewpoint, "Blame America First," it seems hard to know if this is true any more.

I wonder how many of us would stand up and join Patrick Henry in agreement with "Give me liberty or give me death?" Or how many people really acknowledge that there are people out there, willing to kill us not for what we do, or what we as individuals believe, but because we are the infidel.

The forced "conversion" of the two Fox reporters should show us the writing on the wall.

The recent plot by British citizens of Pakistani ethnicity should show us that it has little to do with what you think about the fate of the Palestinians, where you stand about the war in Iraq, or how much you consider what Hezbollah does as justified. You are still the enemy, still counters on a checkerboard where every man, woman and child is fair game. The media may talk like America is the villian, but compared to what these people want to do, to make us chess pieces on their struggle for power and control makes one wonder just what the thinking behind the blame America game is.

The Long War is here, and you are a player whether you want to be or not.

The real question is: do you concede or think that the ideals of liberty are worth standing up for. Until we make up our minds about that, we are truly fair game for those who would exploit us. Patrick Henry once said, "Give me liberty or give death." In reality, we may not have a choice. Death as a culture, or liberty. We will end up with one or the other, even if by not choosing.

Fighting our father's ghosts

Shelby Steel has written an essay that is something we should read and think about. A contemplation of the cultural dilemna facing us worth reading slowly and carefully. I think the article is in part rant, and I doubt if I totally agree with it, but there's meat in it that ought to be considered:

But the international left is in its own contest with American exceptionalism. It keeps charging Israel and America with oppression hoping to mute American power. And this works in today's world because the oppression script is so familiar and because American power cringes when labeled with sins of the white Western past. Yet whenever the left does this, it makes room for extremism by lending legitimacy to its claim of oppression. And Israel can never use its military fire power without being labeled an oppressor--which brings legitimacy to the enemies she fights. Israel roars; much of Europe supports Hezbollah. Over and over, white guilt turns the disparity in development between Israel and her neighbors into a case of Western bigotry. This despite the fact that Islamic extremism is the most explicit and dangerous expression of human bigotry since the Nazi era. Israel's historical contradiction, her torture, is to be a Western nation whose efforts to survive trap her in the moral mazes of white guilt. Its national defense will forever be white aggression. Can we truly deal with the global situation in a rational way if we are too busy fighting our grandfathers' ghosts to see what we are actually dealing with? Or will our collective guilt for Europe's bad behaviors of the past be the tool that the East uses to destroy what we have built? Will we crumble quickly, like the Roman Empire in the west did, or will we do what is needed to meet the challenge, and exorcise those ghosts who would hold our hands?

Highly successful strategy: Making the victim feel guilty

Though the West is surely not blameless, either through history or today, in its treatment of Muslims, the idea that responsibility for the woes of the Islamic world these past few hundred years can be laid at somebody else’s door is escapist fantasy.

The nasty regimes of countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt conveniently emphasise this victim status to divert attention from their own repression and inequality and to blame Israel. The failure of Palestinians to create an orderly and successful society is blamed on “the occupation”.

The failure of many Muslims in Europe, especially in Britain, to integrate effectively is laid at the feet of a white racist society that excludes them. The real injustices suffered by these communities become a convenient smokescreen to hide their own flaws.

This victim mentality reaches its apotheosis in the minds of a few in the hideous distortion of martyrdom. The image of the suicide bomber captures the ultimate catharsis of victimhood and at the same time the ultimate escape and liberation from it — the violent immolation of the victim on the altar of a sacred ideology. Of course this is a perversion of the very idea of sacrifice. Martyrdom is a willingness to die for one’s faith, not a willingness to take hundreds of innocents with you in the process.

Pierre Rehov, an Algerian-born French filmmaker, who produced a documentary, Suicide Killers, was asked in a TV interview this year how the world could end the madness of suicide bombings and terrorism. “Stop being politically correct and stop believing that this culture is a victim of ours,” he said.

Of course, this celebration of victimhood plays to the West’s deep sense of guilt, producing a fearful complementarity that makes today’s crisis so potent — a civilisation all too willing to accept the blame for the woes of a people all too willing to blame them.

Gerard Baker

We really need to ask ourselves who really is the victim here. Forget the sins of the fathers. All of our fathers have sinned, each and every one, and we all have been marked by their wrongdoing, no matter where we come from.

But today, let us see what is really happening.

Who builds its paramilitary structure right in the heart of civilian areas? Who lobs rockets where they know the most likely targets are civilians? Who calls for the destruction of entire nations, entire peoples? Who has been involved with what? Who was a combatant? Who chose the road of hate, and who tried to make a life? Who set bombs in airplanes full of civilians? Who flew airplanes into other buildings? Who set bombs off so that people on vacation would die? Who encourages the chaos that keeps Gaza a miserable place?

It is not the people on vacation, the people busy at work in New York, the people riding the Tubes in London, the firemen in Sweden who are pelted if they enter the wrong neighborhoods, people whose cars were burned in France, the bystanders who went to the store to have some person sweep the intersection with bullets, the Russian children kidnapped on the first day of school, the baby intentionally targeted by a sniper.

Name things what they truly are, and not what the meme of the day says they are, then make your decisions, one way or the other.

Who talks of hate instead of building? Who talks of death instead of living?

A brief history of terror during the Long War


June 5: Robert Kennedy assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan in reaction to the 6 Day War.

December 26: Two Palestinian gunmen travel from Beirut to Athens, and attack an El Al jet there, killing one person


* Switzerland - February 21: A bomb explodes in the rear of Swissair Flight 330, causing it to crash near Zürich, Switzerland, killing 38 passengers and all 9 crew members.It was done by Palestinian group PFLP

* Israel - May 8: Avivim school bus massacre by Palestinian PLO members, killing nine children, three adults and crippling 19.

* Jordan - September 6: Coordinated hijacking of four airliners. One hijacking is foiled in midair and two planes are diverted to Jordan’s Dawson Field. Nicaraguan hijacker Sandinista Patrick Arguello was killed and all passengers were freed after negotiated release of captured hijacker Leila Khaled and three PFLP prisoners. The following day a fifth aircraft was also hijacked. See Dawson's Field hijackings, Black September in Jordan.


July 21: Four PLO terrorists hijacked a Sabena airliner carrying 99 passengers and 10 crew members on route from Brussels to Tel Aviv. In a mission entitled Operation Isotope, 16 members of Sayeret Matkal posed as refueling and technical personnel and stormed the plane, killing the terrorists and releasing the passengers.

September 5: Black September kidnaps and kills 11 Israeli Olympic athletes and one German policeman in the Munich Massacre.


March 1: Black September takes ten hostages (five of them diplomats) at the Saudi Arabian embassy in Khartoum, Sudan. Three western diplomats are killed.


April 11: Kiryat Shmona massacre at an apartment building by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine members, killing 18 people, 9 of whom were children

May 15: Ma'alot massacre at the Ma'alot High School in Northern Israel by Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine members: 26 of the hostages were killed, 66 wounded.

September 8: TWA Flight 841: Bomb kills 88 on jetliner.(Abu Nidal suspected)


March 5: In the Savoy Operation PLO gunmen from Lebanon take dozens of hostages at the Tel Aviv Savoy Hotel eventually killing eight hostages and three IDF soldiers, and wounding 11 hostages.

December 1975: Carlos the Jackal and his rebels attack OPEC headquarters in Vienna, Austria and take over 60 hostages - mostly they were OPEC countries' leaders. On December 22 the hostages and rebels are transported in a DC-9 to Algiers where 30 hostages were freed; the plane was then flown to Tripoli, Libya where more hostages were freed before flying back to Algiers where the remaining hostages were freed and the rebels were granted asylum.


June 26–July 4: Hijacking of Air France Flight 139 by Palestinian PFLP and German Revolutionäre Zellen(Tel Aviv-Paris); Operation Entebbe: 4 hostages, one Sayeret Matkal soldier and 45 Ugandian soldiers killed.


March 9: Three buildings in Washington, DC are seized and over 100 hostages taken. Washington city councilman Marion Barry is shot in the chest during the incident and after a standoff all hostages are released from the District building, B'nai B'rith, and the Islamic Center. (Hanafi Muslims)

October 13: Lufthansa flight LH 181 was kidnapped by a group of four PFLP to Mogadishu it was freed by GSG-9 commando group.


March 11: Coastal Road massacre: Fatah gunmen killed several tourists and hijack a bus near Haifa; 37 Israelis on the bus are killed.


2 November: Sunni militant group of 1, 300 to 1,500 men seized the Grand Mosque in Mecca Saudi Arabia.

November 4: Iran hostage crisis, a 444-day standoff during which student proxies of the new Iranian regime held hostage 66 diplomats and citizens of the United States inside the U.S. embassy in Tehran.


April 30: Iranian Embassy siege: Iraqi agents take over the Iranian Embassy in London, gaining hostages. After a number of days, one hostage was killed by the Iraqis, and the Special Air Service assaulted the building to rescue the remaining hostages. One hostage died during the assault.

July 27: A member of the Abu Nidal Organization carried out a grenade attack on a group of Jews waiting for a bus in Antwerp, Belgium, killing a child and wounding twenty others. Said Al Nasr will be convicted for this act.

October 3: Four congregants were killed and twelve others injured in a bomb attack on the rue Copernic synagogue in Paris, France. Responsibility was claimed by the National European Fascists (FNE), but the police investigation concluded that Palestinian terrorists were involved.


October 6: Assassination of Egyptian President Anwar Sadat by Islamic Jihad.

October 20: Attack on a synagogue in Antwerp, Belgium, killing three and wounding sixty.


March 29: A bomb on board the Paris-Toulouse train, kills 5 injures 27. Carlos usually assumed to be responsible.

August 9: Rue des Rosiers, Paris gunning and bombing of Goldenberg restaurant : 6 killed 22 wounded - Fatah - the Revolutionary Council

September 14: Assassination of Lebanese Prime Minister Bashir Gemayel and twenty-five others in a car explosion at the Kataeb headquarters.


April 18: U.S. Embassy Bombing in Beirut, Lebanon kills 63.

September 23: Gulf Air Flight 771 is bombed, killing all 117 people on board. (Abu Nidal)

October 23: Marine Barracks Bombing in Beirut kills 241 U.S. Marines. 58 French troops from the multinational force are also killed in a separate attack.

December 31: On the way to New Year's Eve 7 persons are killed and 70 wounded by bombs on the Marseille to Paris TGV and at the St-Charles station in Marseille. The attack is attributed to Carlos on behalf of the O.L.A.


February 23: Paris Marks & Spencer shop, 1 bomb, 1 dead, 18 wounded, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hizbollah

March 8: Car bomb explodes in Beirut, killing 80, injuring 175; reportedly planned and executed by the United States CIA

March 9: Paris, Cinema Rivoli, 18 injured, pro-Iranian Lebanese Hizbollah

June 14: TWA Flight 847 skyjacking, Hezbollah

October 7 – October 10: Achille Lauro cruise ship hijacking by Palestinian Liberation Front, during which passenger Leon Klinghoffer is shot dead.

October 11: Arab anti-discrimination group leader Alex Odeh is killed when a bomb explodes in his Santa Ana, California office.

November 23: EgyptAir Flight 648 hijacked by Abu Nidal group, flown to Malta, where Egyptian commandos storm plane; 60 are killed by gunfire and explosions.

December 7: Paris, Galeries Lafayette and Printemps shops, two bombs, 51 injured, attributed to pro-Iranian Lebanese Hizbollah

December 27: Rome and Vienna Airport Attacks. (Fatah)


February 3: Paris, Claridge passage (Champs Élysées) 7 injured, another bomb failed to explode in the Eiffel tower, pro-Iranian (Fouad Ali Saleh group)

February 4: Paris, Gibert book shop, 7 injured, Fouad Ali Saleh

April 2: TWA Flight 840 bombed on approach to Athens airport; four passengers (all of them American), including an infant, are killed. (connected to Abu Nidal)

April 6: the La Belle discotheque in Berlin, a known hangout for U.S. soldiers, was bombed, killing three and injuring 230 people, for which Libya is held responsible. In retaliation, the US bombs Libya in Operation El Dorado Canyon and tries to kill Colonel Muammar al-Qaddafi.

September 5: Pan Am Flight 73, an American civilian airliner, is hijacked; 22 people die when plane is stormed in Karachi, Pakistan.
(Abu Nidal)

December 25: Iraqi Airways Flight 163 is hijacked. The pro-Iranian group "Islamic Jihad" claimed responsibility.


December 21: Pan Am Flight 103 bombing over Lockerbie, Scotland. At the time, it was the worst act of terrorism perpetrated against the United States, and among the worst acts of terrorism in European history, see FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives. Eventually, Libya admitted that two of its agents carried out the attack.


July 9: Two bombs explode in Mecca, killing one pilgrim and wounding 16 others.

September 19: Suitcase-bomb destroys UTA Flight UT-772 en route to Paris, killing all 171 passengers and crew. Libyan intelligence involved.


PLF attack in the beaches on Tel Aviv
PLO attack on the US. embassy
(I don't have the dates for these events)


March 17: Israeli Embassy bombing by "Islamic Jihad" in Buenos Aires, Argentina; 29 killed, 242 injured.


January 25: Mir Aimal Kansi, a Pakistani, fires an AK-47 assault rifle into cars waiting at a stoplight in front of the Central Intelligence Agency headquarters. Two CIA employees died.

February 26: World Trade Center bombing kills 6 and injures over 1000 people, by coalition of five groups: Jamaat Al-Fuqra'/Gamaat Islamiya/Hamas/Islamic Jihad/National Islamic Front

June: Failed New York City landmark bomb plot.


March 1: In the Brooklyn Bridge Shooting, Rashid Baz kills a Hasidic seminary student and wounds 4 on the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City in response to the Cave of the Patriarchs massacre.

July 18: Bombing of Jewish Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina, kills 86 and wounds 300. Generally attributed to Hezbollah acting on behalf of Iran.

July 19: Alas Chiricanas Flight 00901 is bombed, killing 21. Generally attributed to Hezbollah.

July 26: Israeli Embassy Attack in London and a Jewish charity are car-bombed, wounding 20. Attributed by Britain, Argentina, and Israel to Hezbollah.

November 25: Stoning of female competitors in marathon race by ultra conservatives at the behest of clerics begins Islamist uprising in Bahrain.

December 11: A small bomb explodes on board Philippine Airlines Flight 434, killing a Japanese businessman. Authorities found out that Ramzi Yousef planted the bomb to test it for his planned terrorist attack.

December 24: Air France Flight 8969 is hijacked by GIA members who planned to crash the plane on Paris but didn't succeed.


January 6: Operation Bojinka plot to bomb 11 U.S. airliners is discovered on a laptop computer in a Manila, Philippines apartment by authorities after an apartment fire occurred in the apartment, by Jemaah Islamiyah/Konsojaya/Abu Sayyaf Group/Ramzi Yousef/Khalid Shaikh Mohammed.

June 14—June 19: Budyonnovsk hospital hostage crisis, 105 civilians and 25 Russian troops were killed.

July—October: Bombings in France by a GIA unit led by Khaled Kelkal kill eight and injure more than 100.

November 13: Bombing of OPM-SANG building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills 7

November 19: Bombing of Egyptian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan kills 19.


January: In Kizlyar, 350 Chechen militants took 3,000 hostages in a hospital. The attempt to free them kills 65 civilians and soldiers.

February 25 - March 4: A series of four suicide bombings in Israel leave 60 dead and 284 wounded within 10 days.

June 25: Khobar Towers bombing -- In all, 19 U.S. servicemen and one Saudi were killed and 372 wounded, by Hizballah Al-Hijaz (Saudi Hizballah) with Iranian support.


January : Wandhama Massacre - 24 Kashmiri Pandits are massacred by Pakistan-backed insurgents in the city of Wandhama in Indian-controlled Kashmir .

February 14: 1998 Coimbatore bombings -Bombings by suspected Islamic Jihadi groups on an election rally in Indian city of Coimbatore kill about 60 people.

February 25: Serial bombing in Coimbatore, a southern Indian city, which kill at least 61 people.

Kenya August 7: U.S. embassy bombings in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania and Nairobi, Kenya, killing 225 people and injuring more than 4,000, by al-Qaeda.


January 3: Gunmen open fire on Shi'a Muslims worshipping in an Islamabad mosque, killing 16 people injuring 25.

April 26: An explosion inside an elevator at the Intourist hotel in Moscow injured 11 people.

August 31 – September 22: Russian Apartment Bombings kills about 300 people, leading Russia into Second Chechen War.

December: Jordanian authorities foil a plot to bomb US and Israeli tourists in Jordan and pick up 28 suspects as part of the 2000 millennium attack plots

December 14: Ahmed Ressam is arrested on the United States–Canada border in Port Angeles, Washington; he confessed to planning to bomb the Los Angeles International Airport as part of the 2000 millennium attack plots

December 24: Indian Airlines Flight 814 from Kathmandu, Nepal to Delhi, India is hijacked. One passenger is killed and some hostages are released. After negotiations between the Taliban and the Indian government, the last of the remaining hostages on board Flight 814 are released in exchange for release of 4 terrorists.


The last of the 2000 millennium attack plots fails, as the boat meant to bomb USS The Sullivans sinks
May: The Balochistan Liberation Army begins its attacks against government and military targets in Balochistan.

June 8: Stephen Saunders, a British Defense Attaché, was assassinated by Revolutionary Organization 17 November in Athens.

August 8: A bomb exploded at an underpass in Pushkin Square in Moscow, killing 11 people and wounding more than 90.

October 12: USS Cole bombing kills 17 US sailors and wounds 40 off the port coast of Aden, Yemen, by al-Qaeda.

November 22: two Israeli women killed and 60 civilians wounded in a car bomb attack in Hadera.

December 30 Rizal Day Bombings, terrorists blow up LRts in Manila killing 22 and injuring more than 100 people.


February 5: A bomb blast in Moscow's Byelorusskaya metro station injures 15 people.

March 4: 3 elderly Israelis killed in a suicide bombing in downtown Netanya. Hamas claimed responsibility.

March 24: Twenty people die and 93 are injured in three bomb attacks on Russian towns near the border of Chechnya.

March 26: Israeli infant Shalhevet Pass is fatally shot in the head by a Palestinian sniper in Hebron.

April 3: eight people are lightly injureed due to a bomb late at night on Yisod HaMaaleh Street in Hod HaSharon

April 22: a Kfar-Saba doctor of American origin killed by a suicide bomber. 60 people are wounded, Hamas claimed responsibility.

May 18: 5 Israelis killed in a suicide bombing in Netanya. Over 100 are wounded, Hamas claimed responsibility. An Israeli soldier off-duty is killed by gunfire while driving.

June 1: 21 civilians, mostly teenagers from the former Soviet Union, are killed by a Hamas suicide bomber in the Dolphinarium massacre in Tel Aviv, Israel

August 9: A suicide bomber in Jerusalem kills seven and wounds 130 in the Sbarro restaurant suicide bombing; Hamas and Islamic Jihad claim responsibility.

September 11: The attacks on September 11 killed 2,997 in a series of hijacked airliner crashes into two U.S. landmarks: the World Trade Center in New York City, New York, and The Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia. A fourth plane, originally intended to hit an unknown, but likely prominent, Washington, D.C. target, crashes in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, after an apparent revolt against the hijackers by the plane's passengers; by al-Qaeda

September 11: Paris embassy attack plot foiled.

October 4: 3 people killed when a gunman opens fire in the central bus station in Afula. 13 people are injured, Fatah claimed responsibility.

October 17: Israeli tourism minister Rehavam Zeevi is assassinated by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.

October 28: 4 people killed and 40 wounded when Palestinian policemen attack a crowded bus stop in Hedera. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility. An Israeli soldier killed in the Galilee in a drive-by shooting. Tanzim claimed responsibility.

November 27: two Israeli young women killed when the central bus station in Afula is attacked. 50 people are injured. Fatah and the Islamic Jihad claimed joint responsibility. An Israeli settler killed in a grenade attack in Gaza. Hamas claimed responsibility.

December 22: Richard Reid, attempting to destroy American Airlines Flight 63, is subdued by passengers and flight attendants before he could detonate his shoe bomb.


January: Kidnapping and murder of journalist Daniel Pearl.

March 27: A Palestinian suicide bomber kills 30 and injures 140 during Passover festivities in a hotel in Netanya, Israel in the Passover massacre.

March 31: A Hamas suicide bomber kills 15 and injures over 40 in Haifa, Israel, in the Matza restaurant massacre.

April 11: A natural gas truck fitted with explosives is driven into a synagogue in Tunisia by an al-Qaeda member, killing 21 and wounding more than 30 in the Ghriba Synagogue Attack.

May 8: May 8 Bus Attack in Karachi kills 11 Frenchmen and two Pakistanis.

May 9: A bomb explosion in Kaspiisk in Dagestan kills at least 42 people and injures 130 or more during Victory Day festivities.

May 13: 12 people are killed in the Jaunpur train crash in India, caused when Islamic extremists cut the rails.

June 14: Car bomb at US Consulate in Karachi kills 12.

June 18: A Hamas suicide bomber detonates himself on a bus in Jerusalem in the Patt junction massacre. The attack kills 19 people and wounds over 74.

July 4: An Egyptian gunman opens fire at an El Al ticket counter in Los Angeles International Airport, killing 2 Israelis before being killed himself.

September 25: Two terrorists belonging to the Jaish-e-Mohammed group raid the Akshardham temple complex in Ahmedabad, India killing 30 people and injuring many more.

October: John Allen Muhammed and Lee Boyd Malvo conduct the Beltway Sniper Attacks, killing 10 people in various locations throughout the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area from October 2 until they are arrested on October 24.

October 6: Limburg tanker bombing in Yemen.

October 12: Bali bombing of holidaymakers kills 202 people, mostly Western tourists and local Balinese hospitality staff.

October 17: Zamboanga bombings in the Philippines kill six and wounds about 150.

October 18: A bus bomb in Manila kills three people and wounds 22.

October 19: A car bomb explodes outside a McDonald's Corp. restaurant in Moscow, killing one person and wounding five.

October 23: Moscow theater hostage crisis begins; 120 hostages and 40 terrorists killed in rescue three days later.

November 21: Hamas orchestrates the Jerusalem bus 20 massacre. 11 people are killed and over 50 wounded when a suicide bomber detonates on a crowded bus in central Jerusalem.

December 27: The truck bombing of the Chechen parliament in Grozny kills 83 people.


March 4: Bomb attack in an airport in Davao kills 21.

March 5: A Hamas suicide bomber kills 17 people and wounds 53 when he detonates a bomb hidden under his clothing in the Haifa bus 37 massacre.

March 23: SGT Hasan Akbar, USA, murdered 2 officers and wounded 14 soldiers in a grenade attack at an Army base in Iraq.

May 12: Bombings of United States expatriate housing compounds in Saudi Arabia kill 26 and injure 160 in the Riyadh Compound Bombings. Al-Qaeda blamed.

May 12: A truck bomb attack on a government building in the Chechen town of Znamenskoye kills 59.

May 14: As many as 16 die in a suicide bombing at a religious festival in southeastern Chechnya.

May 16: Casablanca Attacks by 12 bombers on five "Western and Jewish" targets in Casablanca, Morocco leaves 41 dead and over 100 injured. Attack attributed to a Moroccan al-Qaeda-linked group.

July 5: 15 people die and 40 are injured in bomb attacks at a rock festival in Moscow.

August 1: An explosion at the Russian hospital in Mozdok in North Ossetia kills at least 50 people and injures 76.

August 19: Canal Hotel Bombing in Baghdad, Iraq, kills 22 people (including the top UN representative Sergio Vieira de Mello) and wounds over 100.

August 19: Jerusalem bus 2 massacre: A Hamas suicide bomber detonates himself on a crowded bus carrying mostly Orthodox Jewish Israelis, including many children returning from the Western Wall. 23 people are killed and over 130 wounded.

September 3: A bomb blast on a passenger train near Kislovodsk in southern Russia kills seven people and injures 90.

October 4: A Palestinian suicide bomber kills 21 and wounds 51 in a Haifa restaurant in the Maxim restaurant massacre.

October 15: A bomb is detonated by Palestinians against a US diplomatic convoy in the Gaza Strip, killing three Americans.

November 15 and November 20: Truck bombs go off at two synagogues, the British Consulate, and the HSBC Bank in Istanbul, Turkey, killing 57 and wounding 700 in the 2003 Istanbul Bombings.

December 5: Suicide bombers kill at least 46 people in an attack on a train in southern Russia

December 9: A blast in the center of Moscow kills six people and wounds at least 11.


January 29: Jerusalem bus 19 massacre: Hamas and Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades orchestrate a suicide bombing on a bus in Jerusalem, Israel killing 11 people and wounding more than 50.

February 6: Bomb on Moscow Metro kills 41.

February 27: Superferry 14 is bombed in the Philippines by Abu Sayyaf, killing 116.

March 2: Ashoura Massacre: Suicide bombings at Shia holy sites in Iraq kill 181 and wound more than 500 during the Ashura.

March 2: Attack on procession of Shia Muslims in Pakistan kills 43 and wounds 160.

March 9: Attack of Istanbul restaurant in Turkey.

March 11: Coordinated bombing of commuter trains in Madrid, Spain, kills 191 people and injures more than 1,500.

March 24: Israeli soldiers arrest Hussam Abdo, a 15 year-old Palestinian boy with explosives strapped to his chest at the Hawara Checkpoint. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades sent Abdo on a suicide mission to bomb the checkpoint.

April 21: Bombing of a security building in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia kills five.

May 1: 2004 Yanbu attack kills six Westerners and a Saudi in Saudi Arabia.

May 2: Pregnant Israeli commuter Tali Hatuel and her four young children are gunned down at close range by militants from the Popular Resistance Committees and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

May 29: Al-Khobar massacres, in which Islamic militants kill 22 people at an oil compound in Saudi Arabia.

August 24: Russian aircraft bombings kill 90.

August 31: A blast near a subway station entrance in northern Moscow, caused by a suicide bomber, kills 10 people and injures 33
September 1 – 3: Beslan school hostage crisis in North Ossetia, Russia, results in 344 dead.

September 9: Jakarta embassy bombing, in which the Australian embassy in Jakarta, Indonesia was bombed, killing eight people.

October 7: Sinai bombings: Three car bombs explode in the Sinai Peninsula, killing at least 34 and wounding 171, many of them Israeli and other foreign tourists.

December 6: Suspected al Qaeda-linked group attacks U.S. consulate in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, killing five local employees.

December 12: A bombing at the Christmas market in General Santos, Philippines, kills 15.


February 14: A car bomb kills former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri and 20 others in Beirut. See also: 2005 Lebanon bombings.

February 25: A suicide bomber in Tel Aviv kills five Israelis and undermines a weeks-old truce between the two sides.

March 19: Car bomb attack on theatre in Doha, Qatar, kills one Briton and wounds 12 others.

April: April 2005 terrorist attacks in Cairo – On April 7 a suicide bomber blows himself up in Cairo's Khan al Khalili market, killing three foreign tourists and wounding 17 others. In two further attacks on April 30, suspected accomplices detonate a bomb and spray a tourist coach with gunfire.

June 1: A suicide bomber blows up in a mosque in Kandahar, Afghanistan, killing 20 people.

June 12: Bombs explode in the Iranian cities of Ahvaz and Tehran, leaving 10 dead and 80 wounded days before the Iranian presidential election.

July 7: 7 July 2005 London bombings – Bombs explode on one double-decker bus and three London Underground trains, killing 56 people and injuring over 700, occurring on the first day of the 31st G8 Conference. The attacks are believed by many to be the first suicide bombings in Western Europe.

July 12: Islamic Jihad takes responsibility for a suicide bombing in Netanya, Israel, which kills five people at a shopping mall.

July 21: 21 July 2005 London bombings - Small explosions in three London Underground stations and one double-decker bus. This was pronounced as a "major incident" rather than an attack, and only minor injuries were reported. These 4 bombs were designed to cause as much damage as the 7 July 2005 London bombings, but the explosives had deteriorated and failed to detonate.

July 23: Sharm el-Sheikh bombings – Car bombs explode at tourist sites in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt, killing at least 88 and wounding more than 100.

August 4: Jewish settler in an IDF uniform opens fire on a bus in Shfaram, Israel, killing 4 Israeli Arabs and wounding 5.

August 17: 17 August 2005 Bangladesh bombings: Around 100 homemade bombs explode in 58 different locations in Bangladesh, killing two and wounding 100.

October 1: A series of explosions occurs in resort areas of Jimabaran Beach and Kuta in Bali, Indonesia.

October 13: A large group of Chechen rebels launched coordinated attacks on Russian federal buildings, local police stations, and the airport in Nalchik, Kabardino-Balkaria. At least 137 people, including 92 rebels, were killed.

October 15: Two bombs exploded at a shopping mall in Ahvaz, Khuzestan in Iran. Six people died and over 100 were injured.

October 24: Multiple car bombs explode outside the Green Zone in Baghdad, Iraq, killing at least 11. It is thought that the attacks were targeting journalists inside the Palestine Hotel and the Sheraton Ishtar.

October 26: A Palestinian suicide bomber detonates a bomb near a falafel stand in Hadera, Israel that kills himself and six others. Twenty-six people were also wounded.

November 9: Three explosions at hotels in Amman, Jordan, leave at least 60 dead and 120 wounded.

December 5: A suicide bomb attack kills at least five people in Netanya in north-western Israel.


* 2006: Palestinian terrorists (Hamas) fire Qassam missiles into Israel, especially the cities of Ashkelon and Sderot, and have injured many citizens and caused civilian damage.

February 21: A car bomb explodes in a south suburban Baghdad marketplace, killing 20 and wounding 25.

February 22: Al Askari Mosque bombing ignites sectarian strife in Iraq.

February 28: An explosion near a Shiite mosque in Baghdad, Iraq kills 25 people and wounds 43.

March 2: Bombing in Karachi, Pakistan kills four, including a U.S. diplomat.

March 3: Mohammed Reza Taheri-azar, an Iranian-born graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, drives an SUV onto a crowded part of campus, injuring nine.

March 7: Two explosions in downtown Addis Ababa, Ethiopia injure four people.

March 9: A roadside bomb kills six and injures seven in Baghdad, Iraq.

March 30: Palestinian suicide bomber kills himself and four others at Kedumim Junction in the West Bank

April 11: A suicide bomber explodes himself in Karachi, Pakistan kills 57 Sunni worshippers.

April 17: Sami Hammad, a Palestinian suicide bomber, detonates an explosive device in Tel Aviv, Israel, killing eleven people and injuring 70.

April 24: Bombings at three locations in Dahab, Egypt kill 20 Egyptians, 3 foreigners, and injure 62 others.

May 10: A motorcycle bomb explodes at a marketplace in Pattani, Thailand, killing two women and a police officer.

May 11: Six policemen die and 12 are injured when five bombs go off in a police academy in Quetta, Pakistan

June 25: Eliyahu Asheri, an Israeli citizen, was kidnapped and murdered by the Palestinian terrorist group, the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC).

July 9: 40 Sunni civilians are massacred by Shia militants in Baghdad, Iraq.

July 14: Suicide bomber in Karachi, Pakistan kills a Shiite Islamic cleric Allama Hasan Turabi and his nephew.

July 16: Hezbollah rains rockets down on Northern Israel, reaching Haifa and killing eight Israelis at a train depot there.

July 17: Explosions and gunmen kill 48 people in a market in Mahmoudiya, Iraq

July 18: Car bombing near a Shiite shrine in Kufa, Iraq kills 53 and injures 103.

July 31: Crudely made suitcase bombs were planted in two regional trains to Hamm and Koblenz in Germany that did not explode due a technical fault. Two suspects, young Lebanese men, have been arrested.

August 4: A suicide car bomber struck a market in Kandahar, Afghanistan killing 21 people

August 10: A major anti-terrorist operation disrupts a bomb plot targeting multiple airplanes flying through Heathrow Airport, near London, UK.

August 13: Two grenades explode on a trolleybus in Tiraspol, Moldova, killing two people and injuring ten.

August 16: A bomb explodes in a market in Baghdad, Iraq, killing seven and wounding 18.

August 20: Two suitcase bombs found on trains are suspected of being part of a terrorist plot after originally thought to be part of a blackmail incident

August 20: Gunmen spray bullets on Shiites in Baghdad, killing 20 people and wouding more than 300.

(This list is not exhaustive.)


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